Anime Maniac

What is anime?

Anime has brought its was to Europe without many people even knowing what it is but liking it. Many people have seen shows similar to Pokemon and Cardcaptors but many of them had no idea they were watching anime.

Anime is a Japanese cartoon and art style but when I say cartoons some anime are too explicit for children and even some teenagers. It has changed over the years becoming more confident in how far anime’s limitations lie have given the genre many advantages and disadvantages. For example one particular series has mentions of vulgar language and graphic death scenes, it was given an award for best story but then was banned in some countries for its foul content.

On a lighter note the number of dubbed anime (english dubbed meaning voiced over) has increased giving the english public opportunities to delve into different genres of anime and have given the american studios more money to create more of the loved japanese series into english.

Anime voice actors are the sole celebrities of anime and attend conventions to share stories of their time in the booth and out in the world. One particular voice actor’s career has been extremely successful is Vic Mignogna (Pictured on the right) He has a become an anime celebrity due to his work and skill. Although like everything there are people who would not agree he fits the profile of celebrity but each to his own.

Anime has inspired fans to create music videos with their content and music of their choice I have created many of my own in the past few years, here is an example of one:-

If you want to check out my other videos visit my you tube page at

this hyperlink will take you directly to my YouTube user page. There you can watch all the other fan videos I have created.

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