Creative Computing Basic Photo Corrections

Creative Computing

Class 2

I was introduced to the concept of image scanning and in my second Creative Computing lecture. I was given an image that had been scanned which was a bad quality image i was taught how to take away grainy texture and sharpen the image. I was also taught to erase the dingy look that a statue had in the background. Each technique I was taught was useful and interesting as there was a lot of information that accompanied each small task.

I was also introduced to new ways of printing and the information behind how they add colour. The image came out much better than i had ever imagined and was a generally more attractive image once i was done. Here are the two images i was working with.

This is the image I was working with as you can see there are may faults.

:- The image is slanted

:- The colour is dingy

:- The statue in the background is blurry and dingy

This image desperately needed photo shopping so i took pride oce it was done.

Here is the finished result as you can see

:- The image is bright

:- The statue is shining

:-The image in general just looks better.

The limitations in photoshop are incredibly and slowly I am learning some of the achievements that can be brought using the knowledge i have gained so far.

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