Image Re size

This featured image was at first stretched and contorted to fit the top of the post, but to prevent this, the image is put on photo shop and re sized so that the image could be inserted into this difficult space but would not be distorted. Text was added to the featured image quoting the famous line in the film ‘The Shining’.

If i were to criticize myself I would definitely add more interesting images and a background colour to draw the eye to the banner. Other than that i feel the knowledge gained from this exercise will benefit me greatly and is something i will be practicing with a lot more.

The fact I did not like the image might have a factor as to why I am not really that pleased with the outcome but when i saw the image at the top of the blog it looked better than on Photo shop.

The process was pretty straight forward which i was not expecting, so i was glad to find i knew what i was doing.

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