Creative Computing Layer Basics On Photoshop.

I began to learn the basics of layers in this weeks lecture, something I have never tackled on photoshop before, I began by learning how to organize several images that were on different layers and move and edit them to make one piece of artwork, this i found a little tricky due to the fact there were so many layers with different small images on them that i lost track of which layer i should be working on luckily the guide was a great help and steered me to the correct layer each time but in the case of working without a guide i would definitely need to concentrate hard to keep track of multiple layers.
I also learned how to create, view and hide layers, this i found simple as i had a small knowledge of how to do this from different software.
An interesting aspect of the lecture was learning how to rearrange layers to change the stacking order of the artwork in the image. This I found simple but it was very useful to be able to experiment with different orders.
The first task that was assigned was to move several individual images to create one pice of artwork, we began with this background and an image of a shell, photo, letter, and some text.

After experimenting with moving the images and adding text and changing the size of the image I was very pleased with the final outcome. The different techniques used gave the artwork a very well put together piece.

Here is the final Image.

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