Creative Computing Getting to know your work area

This was the first time I was truly introduced to the Photoshop software I was overwhelmed by the many tools this particular software has I have only ever worked with small image editing software such as art weaver and art rage, the first task we were asked to do on Photoshop was to make a penny in an image stand out from the background by highlighting it. This was done by first selecting the penny by using the elliptical marquee tool, this enables me to only select one section of the image. I then adjusted the highlights by moving a bar in the curves window.
For the second image i was given I learnt how to add text to an image, this was relatively simple as all i needed to do was select the type tool and drag a text box anywhere i wanted i then typed monday is beach cleanup day into the box and added to the image. I was able to change the colour of the text to fit it to the image a little more.
For the final image we were asked to edit the colour of a characters tie it was plain orange to begin with but once we went to another layer we simply added dots to the tie.

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