Creative Computing Retouching and Reparing

For this lecture i worked on three seperate projects, each one contained an image that I would have to edit in some way or another, I was able to employ different retouching tools in different ways to make the images look better.
For the first image i used the clone stamp tool which enabled me to copy different areas of the image and fill in missing areas, for example the image i was working on had a missing section of grass but with this tool i was able to copy an area of grass and fill in the area that was blank. I also used the spot healing brush tool for this image which enabled me to get fid of some unwanted items that were in the image eg spriknlers.
For the next image I used the healing brush once again to remove some graffiti from an image, i then used the patch tool for this image to remove some holes in a rockface that was ruining the image.
For the fianal image I again used the healing brush tool and the patch tool to air brush an image of a mans face. I was able to remove some of his wrinkles and make him look younger.

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