Digital Media in Practice The Invisible Alligators

One of my tasks for this DMIP lecture was to creat a film using some pre recorded audio and some still images. When given the required media files it reminded me of the short animations that are shown on children’s television programme when one of the presenters reads a story. With this in mind I placed the audio into the timeline and began adding the images one by one and using the audio as a guide for when to cut them. When the audio talked of more detail that was in the images i used Final Cut Pro to do some camera panning.

Here is the timeline
After working through some on the images I decided to leave some with no movement as I felt they did not need it to add to the audio. For the images with some panning I simply set the keyframes and moved the images manually.
Once I had done this i exported the video and uploaded it to my YouTube account.

Here is my finished video.

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