Digital Media in Practice Adding Sound

In this weeks lecture we were asked to add sound to a video clip that was filmed by our lecturers. We were given 5 different scenes to pick from, I personally chose the scene of a field and some country side. As there were no farm animals in the shot or anything that could possibly make much sound we were asked to go into the universitys sound library and pick some sounds that we saw fit to add to the video.

I decided I would keep my sounds relatively realistic but i did have some fun to begin with using some very random unessasary sounds just for a bit of fun. I then decided as there was not much to see in the scene I would go with adding bird calls and insects. I ussed a bird flying sound a calling birt sound and a fly. I thought it came out relaively well although I did have to adjust the leves as the sound was way too loud to begin with and made it sound like there were two birds and a fly in the microphone.
I went on to exporting the video and uploading it onto YouTube.
Here is my final result.

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