DVP Working with the Cameras

This was the first taster we had with a camera, we were split into groups of four and told to film a two minute film of anything. My group took a long time to decide what we wanted to shoot, we finally decided to stay in the studio as the only real idea we had was to create a two minute comical news report. I filmed the news report although it was very difficult to keep the camera still as I was laughing so much, nevertheless I greatly enjoyed filming as I was able to get used to using the cameras features and how to set up the equipment. I was very pleased with the final video, unfortunately we had were unable to acquire sound so the point of the film was no longer there. It was very disappointing, the news report talked of zombies taking over Lampeter and other unusual stories but it was very comical due to the other members of the group coming up with different funny ideas.  If I were to ever retry the exercise again I will definitely be checking for sound and I would like to work on my filming skills much more. I found that using the cameras was much more enjoyable for me than being in front of a camera I enjoy the technical side of filming being able to follow a storyboard and shoot each scene as it is shown, with this news report I had no indication of how the shot should look so I found it was difficult to film and that showed up on the final film, the shot was a little too high and there was too much green screen in the frame and not enough of the two reporters. Although making that mistake has greatly helped me to shoot scenes better as I will now know how much of the character should be in the frame and how much background.

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