Digital Media In Practice Working On Apple Motion

Using Motion was most probably the most enjoyable software for me so far, every single aspect of using motion I enjoyed, the program was simple to use and gave brilliant results I really found it was the only software I was not completely overwhelmed by due to the fact everything seemed to laid out so it was easily accessible and what I needed to do was clearly stated. Nevertheless like every piece of software there are boundaries i found working on motion had its limitations but they were only minor and I didn’t feel that it affected what i needed to do at the time.

For the First motion I simply added an effect and resisted it, this is what was created I uploaded it to YouTube.

For the second part I decided to do something a little different by adding a motion path this in simple terms means a path the animation follows. I wanted to create an effect of something along the lines of a fairy os star.
Here is what i got.

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