DVP An introduction to Final Cut Pro

Well I really found Final Cut Pro to be an amazing piece of software, having only used Windows movie maker before I was pleasantly surprised with how much more can be done with editing a video. It was my first experience with such a complex program but I found that I became used to working with it quite easily the buttons are clear and you know exactly what they do and every feature is so useful I spent the lecture editing the video that we created in the previous lecture, this I enjoyed but at the time I felt if I were editing a very long film it would take o lot of time, the best thing about Final Cut Pro is that it has so many different features but at the same time it is not too complicated to learn, it does take time to get to know what everything does and how to add them to a video to get the best results but over the time in DVP I will definitely be getting a more clear knowledge of the software.

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