DVP Health and Safety

For this lecture we spent our time going through the many health and safety risks that come with filming work. I found it was a bit of a surprise that there was so much paperwork that came with filming, we were asked to go to three different locations and determine the health and safety situations that could occur while working in each particular location, for the first location we went to a car park, for this the obvious risks were cars and crowds but it was also a risk to be there when it had been raining due to the fact there were deep puddles in many places which was not a suitable situation to place a camera or have actors around due to the condition of the car park.
The second location was a football field, this was a very wide open space which was prone to crowds, this limited our filming and also made it a health risk due to passers-by and crowds. It was also a very slippery surface to walk on so we had to be very careful while filming and the cast would have to watch their steps, this was all noted down on a health and safety form which had to be completed for every different location we filmed on but this excercise was just to give us a general understanding of how to fill the forms in correctly and what we thought would be a dangerous situation for cast and crew.

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