DVP Lighting and Sound

Lighting can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere portarayed in films and programmes, for this lecture we were taught how this is done and why, we were then asked to anylize a sequence from a film of television programme that used lighting to create a certain mood or siuation, for my analisis i chose a scene from the popular comedey series ‘Misfits’, the sequence I decided to chose was from episode 3 season 2, the scene consists of the 6 characters in a club and the way it was portrayed to me was the more drunk and stoned the characters became the more the lighting seemed to distort the filming and portray the way the characters saw the world around them, this gave the sequence a blurred distorted feeling which intrigued me, this was the main reason i wanted to pick this sequence for my analysis. We were also asked to give an explination on how we thought the lighting in the sequence had been achived, it was obvious by the scene that strobe lights had been used, which really did distort the film, there was also a larche wall light which in most of the scenes in the sequence acted as a backlight but there were many front lights that were not seen in any scene.




Image from http://www.google.co.uk

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