DVP Pitching an Idea

Well here it is my worst possible task pitching my idea to the class, I am awful at standing infront of a class but there was not much I could do about it, the idea I was supposed to pitch was one that we might eventually turn into the final 5 minute film for our assignment, I was dreading it. The idea I had come up with after many failed attempts at thinking of something was a university horror, this was convenient and I enjoy horror so I thought I could really get into it if my idea was picked, the idea focused on four university students going out on a friday night and going off to a forest not far from the university, with alcohol running through their bloodstream they were unable to determine their way back and they begin to get a little frightened as it is the middle of the night, they begin to hear unusual sounds and get that eerie feeling when someone is watching them also they are unknowingly walking deeper into the forest, with two frightened girls and a very drunk angry guy there is not much hope for them when you actually begin to realise that something is actually after them. They finally see that there is something more sinister going on and in a panic they lose one of the group, with that it goes on to losing another member of the group so it is only a girl and a guy left, this would finally come to an end with the two of them being separated and following the girl at the end as she makes it to the campus but she is attacked right outside the doors to her hall. I was going to keep it in a first person vie but i was willing to mix it up a little by using both types of filming.
I was also going to use a good friend as the ghost/monster as I took a photo to give a better idea.

Here is the photo for the ghost i took of my friend.
This Image was taken using a normal digital camera but while taking the picture i shook the camera slightly and flicked the light switch on and off to distort the image completely.

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