DVP Sequence Imitation

The sequence our group decided to imitate was a corridor scene from ‘All about Lilly Chou Chou’ this two minute sequence i felt we could achieve quite well as there was a very good location we could use which looked almost identical to the location in the film. We watch the scene many times before heading out to film just to make sure we had a clear idea on how the film should have been done.
As you can see from this image, which is a screenshot of the scene we wanted to recreate from the film, the camera angles were difficult and it was a little risky having someone filming in that position while passers-by were around. Nevertheless we were able to get a shot that was pretty similar to this, as we brought the tripod down to its lowest point and then tiled the legs slightly and the pedestal the camera sat on, this made the shot, and it really did look very similar to the original. We also were able to find actors that fit the profile of the characters quite well, they were not identical but that was to be expected. There was no dialogue in this particular scene but due to the fact they were not speaking in English i suppose it was a blessing, i would have preferred there to be some dialogue but the group agreed that we could work with it.

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