DVP Sound Dubbing and Basic Colour Correction

For this exercise we were asked to dub over a two minute clip from the film ‘House on the Haunted Hill’ the clip was our choice so my group and I decided we were to choose a scene that consisted of one of the main characters explaining how to use a pistol, and then to demonstrate he shoots a vase that smashes and falls to the floor, this I thought this would be an interesting scene to dub so we took the recorder to the quietest place we could think of, while there we went over the lines that were needed and we recorded many versions of what was needed to be said, once we were happy with what was being said we took the recordings back to the Mac Lab and placed it over the scene, as we thought the voice didn’t match exactly but it was still good and it really did fit in some places for the smashing vase we found one that matched the video well enough and we had previously recorded doors being closed and footsteps which we added into the scene, once it had all come together it looked and sounded pretty good.


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