World Cinema Lesson 1

Introduction to World Cinema
The first topic we covered during our world cinema lecture was globalisation, this means a worldwide trend that most people know or have seen, the most common product to describe globalisation is Coca Cola, this product is known worldwide even people who have not had it still know of it due to advertisement.
We also covered national cinema which is films that are made within the nation. It is obvious to most people that Hollywood dominates cinema this is because during WWI most countries ceased production of film except Hollywood putting them in front of the rest of the world. Hollywood also remade several world cinema films a good example would be ‘The Grudge’ a very popular Japanese horror but when the American version was released it did not get as much of a fan base as the original even though the director was the same for both, this is difficult to understand but maybe the fact the Japanese have a better grasp on horror is what makes it so popular also the Japanese do not really have many boundaries when it comes to horror compared to American and British horror.
The main problems with remakes usually is that once something has been made and is appreciated why change it.
World Cinema has many benefits, the ability to allow viewers to see a different concept of film making also allowing them to learn about cultures of other countries from their point of view and let them see other cultures rules and beliefs letting the viewer into their world for a little while.

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