World Cinema Lesson 2

Making Sense of cinema as an art form,
like many expressions of creativity cinema is also an art form, it combines the work of the director and actors to create a visual moving work of art combining dialogue music locations and visual aspects to create a film this is art but in many different forms.
This brings us to the topic of third cinema, third cinema is films that are made as political outreach or awareness to a situation. It also means a film that is ‘out there’ it’s not the usual and it was made to catch attention maybe in a good way maybe not.
To define first, second and third cinema,
First Cinema-Hollywood, passive audience through escapist spectacle.
Second Cinema-Art, they reject Hollywood and find a more experimental way to create films.
Third Cinema-Portrays the truth, they reject first and second cinema and strife to reveal the truth that happens in their nation, they use an aggressive way to get the message across.


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