Anime Review- FullMetal Alchemist

FullMetal Alchemist is a dark anime series based on the prospects of alchemy over science, two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric cross the lines of equivalent exchange when they try to bring their deceased mother back from the dead, this begins the journey of the two boys as during the ritual ed loses his arm and leg and alphonse losing his entire body, he is now only a soul tied into a suit of armour by blood. The series focuese on the two boys searching for a way to recover what they have lost. I love the series personally and am so glad after all this time they are bringing out Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, the series is dark but comical, and very much a huge tear jerker but well worth watching. The series does not follow the manga at all but Brotherhood has seen to that as if follows the manga and covers issues the first series didn’t bringing in new characters and enemies. I would deffinately recoment FullMetal Alchemist to anyone who likes a good plot line and mysterious characters would really enjoy sitting down and sinking their teeth into this brilliant anime.

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