Multicamera Overview

Over the week in the multicamera module I learnt all the different terminology for camera use and how to work as a team while creating a studio production called desperadoes.
This project took the whole group around four hours to produce as setting up the studio took the most time, getting everyone assigned to their correct places and giving them all the relevant tasks that needed to be done took time and co-ordination. I spent the first day of filming as a cable basher, not the most exciting job I must admit but I did get to actually watch the show. On the second day however I was able to work on one of the cameras, I loved doing this but I found it a bit stressful as there was quite a lot riding on the shots I had. Unfortunately I could not hear the instructions from the sound booth very well as the person giving orders was pretty quiet. Still I managed to get the shots required and we had a good show here is te second production of desperadoes.

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