Panorama VR Worx

The program itself on first glance is simple to use as there is almost a step by step like feel to it as you work through each menu to create your image, I was very impressed by the software and was looking forward to using it further, I added 16 panels to the image and this allowed the program to create an interactive tour of the image by adding all of the panels together. I was able to pan and tilt the images which was very unusual as I have never really had much experience with working with software such as this, I was also very impressed by the work that can be down with an object as i found the procedure to be simple but enjoyable as long as everything is set up so you get the exact same frame in each image the only difference being that the object you are focusing on is moving in each frame. This program is brilliant for so many reasons and working on it i found that i could do so much combining Photoshop and VR Works together.

Creating a panorama using VR Worx’s was relatively simple, the program allows you to go through the process step by step making it simple and with good end results.
We needed to select the images used to create our panorama and place them in the correct number of frames once all images are selected they are placed into each slot around the circle. This allows you to see each image separately before they are put together, the next step is to click build and you will get a page like this.

Once you have this it is time to start fitting each pice together as the program is not pe

rfect and some parts of the image may be a little out, this is what takes the most time but is definitely worth it. Once I was happy with the way it looked again I clicked build.

The panorama is brilliant and very interactive, you can export the panorama with shockwave flash.

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