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Final Post-Evaluation

Digital Media in Practice Evaluation Working with WordPress I found the website that was used to put up my blogs was simple and well presented, if ever I ran into a problem there is a very useful help menu which … Continue reading

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Media Studies Overview

During the course of this module we want over the different aspects of media studies, from graphic novels to television and new media. We focused on each individual aspect of media from technology to the history of radio we also … Continue reading

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Multicamera Overview

Over the week in the multicamera module I learnt all the different terminology for camera use and how to work as a team while creating a studio production called desperadoes. This project took the whole group around four hours to … Continue reading

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Robert Capa

Robert Capa was a Hungarian combat photographer, he was born October 1913 and died May 25th 1954. His photos portrayed war and action, this took him all over the world and to many wars he was in New York for … Continue reading

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HDR Photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range photography, meaning mixing the same image with different exposure, for example you take the same image but one would be over exposed the other would be under exposed and so on place them together … Continue reading

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Lomography is in simple terms is photography that is done with no technical boundaries it is the image that is taken then and there, a casual spontaneous approach to photography. Random images taken as a snap decision. Lomography is designed … Continue reading

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Making a Pinhole Camera

I find making a pinhole camera a bit difficult as blocking out all light from a box is a fiddle, nevertheless it is doable, simply find a box and using black ducktape block out all light that could get in, … Continue reading

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