Loving the Intro

Check out the new opening for Fullmetal Alchemist

The Song is Golden time lover by sukima switch

There is also an english cover done for this song by y chang which is also amazing so give them a watch.

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London McM Expo 2011

Cannot wait for the upcoming mcm expo to hit london on the 27th-29th of May, the guests attending include the voices from futurama and many more that are still to be announced.

The events taking place for the weekend are amazing, panels with stars and photos also the anime section is full of marchandise and artists.

Im hoping it’s going to be a good turn out this year again just so it keeps going, Tokyo Toys, Universal, nintendo and so many others are sponsering the event.


Check out the website.

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Anime Review- FullMetal Alchemist

FullMetal Alchemist is a dark anime series based on the prospects of alchemy over science, two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric cross the lines of equivalent exchange when they try to bring their deceased mother back from the dead, this begins the journey of the two boys as during the ritual ed loses his arm and leg and alphonse losing his entire body, he is now only a soul tied into a suit of armour by blood. The series focuese on the two boys searching for a way to recover what they have lost. I love the series personally and am so glad after all this time they are bringing out Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, the series is dark but comical, and very much a huge tear jerker but well worth watching. The series does not follow the manga at all but Brotherhood has seen to that as if follows the manga and covers issues the first series didn’t bringing in new characters and enemies. I would deffinately recoment FullMetal Alchemist to anyone who likes a good plot line and mysterious characters would really enjoy sitting down and sinking their teeth into this brilliant anime.

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Iweb I found was a brilliant way for presenting work, when the program starts up you are able to select a theme for your webpage then I was able to add information and work that I had done in the module. Each theme had its own pros and cons but they each had interesting colour schemes and layout. In the end I chose a simple theme, in black with white text, it was simple but effective.

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Using IDVD is a brilliant way for presenting work in a digital format, it in reality is used for creating dvd movie menus.
The main menu I selected create a new project, this takes you to a screen where you can pic a theme for your menu screen.

This is the menu screen I chose and for each drop zone I added a piece of work I had created during this module.

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Object Panorama VR Worx

Using the Object panorama was very similar to the interactive panorama, there were just a few differences, but the final result is amazing, adding images is very similar to before the only true difference is you are looking at an object rather than around an area, the process of creating it is pretty much the same.

The images show up along the bottom for the image movie and this again allows you to see the order they are in.

This is the object and it rotates 360 degrees allowing you to see all of it, all in all i think VR Worx is an amazing piece of software which allows you to do so many unusual things.

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Panorama VR Worx

The program itself on first glance is simple to use as there is almost a step by step like feel to it as you work through each menu to create your image, I was very impressed by the software and was looking forward to using it further, I added 16 panels to the image and this allowed the program to create an interactive tour of the image by adding all of the panels together. I was able to pan and tilt the images which was very unusual as I have never really had much experience with working with software such as this, I was also very impressed by the work that can be down with an object as i found the procedure to be simple but enjoyable as long as everything is set up so you get the exact same frame in each image the only difference being that the object you are focusing on is moving in each frame. This program is brilliant for so many reasons and working on it i found that i could do so much combining Photoshop and VR Works together.

Creating a panorama using VR Worx’s was relatively simple, the program allows you to go through the process step by step making it simple and with good end results.
We needed to select the images used to create our panorama and place them in the correct number of frames once all images are selected they are placed into each slot around the circle. This allows you to see each image separately before they are put together, the next step is to click build and you will get a page like this.

Once you have this it is time to start fitting each pice together as the program is not pe

rfect and some parts of the image may be a little out, this is what takes the most time but is definitely worth it. Once I was happy with the way it looked again I clicked build.

The panorama is brilliant and very interactive, you can export the panorama with shockwave flash.

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